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The 5th issue of the TSEconomist!

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Find the Alumni Mathieu Broquere and Olivier Carrolagi testimony in the 5th issue of the TSEconomist!
Take a break and have a look at this new issue!

The magazine focuses on three main axes: Academic, professional and campus. Ildrim, the editor-in-chief for this year 2013-2014, reflects on goals that animate the team: "for this year it goes beyond improving the quality of the content, it is also to engage our students and play a bigger role in our community". So, find interview with Timothy Besley, academic and professional articles, campus life, internships feedbacks, TSE Alumni testimony and more!

And do not forget that, like Hussein, former editor-in-chief, specifies it: "the association conserves its flexible nature of the membership; you can still join the magazine for a one time article/interview or to become an active board member, up to you!"

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