SAVE THE DATE: Farewell Party Master 2 Students!

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jeudi 24 mars 2016
17:00 - 21:00
Amphi MB2
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Dear M2 students,

The end of March means the last school lesson and soon the beginning of an internship adventure...
Therefore TSE and TSE Alumni Network association are delighted to invite you to the Farewell Party, in order to get everyone together one last time before the Graduation Ceremony, in November 2016!
Join us on Thursday, March 24th from 5 pm in the amphi MB2 for a short ceremony, followed by a cocktail in the Cafeteria of the Manufacture.

Our tradition is to offer you business cards that you may use during your final internship and for the beginning of your career. These cards indicate your lifetime @tse-alumni.org email address, created for this event.
Please remember to update your data on the platform!

We are looking forward to celebrate with you!

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