Business Talk with Mauricio Bermudez from Accenture

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Looking for the Holy Grail of Sustainability with Big Data, NLP and ML for ESG ratings

Abstract: ESG and impact investing is going mainstream. Many asset managers and investors are now looking at ESG criteria for investment and portfolio decisions. Although there is an established industry that scores companies on their ESG performance, new digital technologies are disrupting that. NLP algorithms combined with Machine Learning are now scanning big data to find financially material ESG signals and calculate high-frequency ESG scores. Asset managers and investors are lapping it up. Corporations are only starting to get it. Many studies have found strong correlation between ESG and financial performance such as total shareholder returns. But none have conclusively proven causation. Will these developments help us find that holy grail of sustainability in business?

From Mauricio Bermudez, Principal Director Accenture Strategy

Room: MD001

Date: Thurday, March 14th, 5:00 pm

Come to the talk and meet the speaker afterwards for drinks and some nibbles.

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