Business Talk - "On the role of markets and market based instruments"

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Markets-and market based instruments- are proving powerful instruments to foster the transition to a low carbon electricity sector. This talk will focus both on the most promising developments being implemented nowadays in electricity –new market designs, auctions and the deployment of distributed energy resources- and in the future challenges ahead.

Cesar Alejandro Hernandez recently joined the IEA Gas Coal and Power Division as Senior Electricity Analyst. 

Before he held the position in the Mexican Government as Managing Director for Analysis and Market Surveillance, where he participated in the design and implementation of the Power Sector Reform.

Prior to this position, he was an advisor to the Finance Vice Minister in Mexico in energy and environmental issues. 

From 2007 to 2011 Mr Hernandez was Deputy Chief Economist, at Comisión Federal de Competencia, the Mexican Antitrust Authority. 

He holds a PhD in economics by the University of Toulouse in France, and a BA in Economics by the ITAM.

15th March 2018 at 5pm
 Amphithéâter MBII

César Alejandro Hernández Alva, Phd  

Electricity Senior Analyst Gas, Coal and Power Markets Division


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