Business Talk in partnership with Airbus : "Stereotypes : Women /Men : everyone is guilty, everyone is a victim

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In partnership with Airbus and to complete the exhibition on the work of Airbus Women. from 12 to 23 January, Pete Stone expert diversity and intercultural will present a talk on Thursday 15 January 2015, "Stereotypes : Women /Men" : everyone is guilty, everyone is a victim" Room MB II, 5pm.

Gender Stereotypes: No one gets out of here alive!
Stereotypes are beliefs about groups of people. They are formed within a system and by that system. We all have stereotypes and everyone has stereotypes about us. Stereotypes concerning men and women determine our competencies, map out careers, create self-limitation and thereby limit our career opportunities. In fact, they prevent talents from expressing themselves properly and thus reduce individual well-being and collective performance. So why are they so resilient and how can we tame them?

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