Business Talk 27/02/14 - Dr. Salant

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The title of the talk is "Spectrum Auctions".

Abstract: Auctions designs relying on modern game theoretic foundations are increasingly being used by Regulatory Agencies for selling spectrum licenses.  The contribution of game theory toward these auctions is perhaps the single largest, in value terms, application of game theory.  I will provide a survey of the relevant auction theory and experience.  I will also discuss the role of economic consultants in advising both the Regulator and firms bidding in these auctions.

Dr. Salant is a leading expert on auctions and game theory with over 20 years experience in wireless communications.  Dr. Salant has, for the past 6 years, been an Associated Researcher at IDEI and a Visiting Professor at TSE.   
His consulting experience includes auction theory and strategic analysis for clients in spectrum auctions such as the US Federal Communications Commission for testing new package bidding procedures, Industry Canada and the Australian ACA for their first spectrum auctions.  On the bid strategy side, Dr. Salant has developed the bid strategy or lead bidding teams in for KPN/E-plus in the Dutch and German 4G auctions, T-Mobile in the German 3G auction, and Austrian 4G and 3G auctions,  Vodafone in the India 3G auction, GTE/Verizon in PCS and 700 MHz auctions, Leap Wireless in FCC auctions 22, 35, 58 and 66, Alltel in Auction 73, QUALCOMM in US 700 MHz, Australian 3G, TeleBras Privatization, Mexican 2G, UK L-band, Taiwan Cellular in the Taiwan 3G, among others.   
Dr. Salant also led the team that developed auction software adopted by the Italian Ministero della Comunicazioni, Industry Canada, the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport, and the Guatemalan Superintendent of Telecommunications.

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