Business Talk 20/02/14 - Katie Brewis

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jeudi 20 février 2014
17:00 - 18:30
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The title of the talk is "What's the use of economics? A few perspectives from 10 years in the workplace after TSE".
In the 10 years since leaving TSE, Katie Brewis has advised companies from multinationals through to pre-funding start-ups in the UK and USA in the capacity of economist, strategy consultant and entrepreneur. 

Katie Brewis will share with some economic and broader insights from the cases she's worked on, which include:
-Energy: A small back-up engine sells electricity to the grid
-Retail: Choosing the right chocolate cakes
-Retail: Creating an effective saleforce 
-Mining: Bonus payments that incentivise safety
-Media: Putting a price on the value of news 
-Retail banking: The scarcity of management attention
-Biotech start-up: Contracts in practice.

Katie Brewis will also share some observations of when she has used economics to guide her career more broadly, and encourage a lively discussion on:
-What motivates people - to stay, work hard, to leave
-What's in your utility function
-The importance of timing.
In terms of CV – find attached on LinkedIn profile, uk.linkedin.com/in/katiebrewis/
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