Business Talk 13/02/14 - Jean-Luc Schneider

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We are delighted that we will be welcoming  Mr Jean Luc Schneider Acting Director in the Policy Branch at the Economics Department of the OECD for the next Business Talk. 

The title of the talk is  on "Structural reforms: priorities, effects, quantification".
Abstract: Structural reforms are advocated by the OECD to improve growth prospects everywhere. Behind this general recommendation, very specific priorities are identified for each country. They rely on a methodology that mixes theoretical underpinnings and empirical analysis, based on the construction and gathering of indicators describing the quality of policies in many different sectors, on cross-country empirical evidence of their links with growth performances, and on an analysis of “double shortcomings” in both policies and performances. Beyond the identification of country-specific avenues to higher growth, this methods allows in some cases to quantify the size and the timing of the expected effects of structural reforms. This approach has been developed by the OECD for more than ten years and is now increasingly adopted by other institutions that want to bridge the gaps between micro and macroeconomic analysis.   

Mr. Jean-Luc Schneider is Acting Director, Policy Studies Branch, at the Economics Department of the OECD. He was educated in mathematics and economics in Paris and London. Before joining the OECD in 2007, he held various positions in France, in the Forecasting Directorate, the French statistical institute, and the Treasury, where he dealt with structural policies, public finance, and macroeconomic policy. Mr. Schneider also spent several years at the IMF, where he worked on various countries in the Fiscal Affairs Department.

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