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Thomas Larrieu


Data Scientist at Veltys - PhD Candidate in Economics at Polytechnique

Expériences professionnelles

Data scientist

VELTYS , Paris

De Avril 2013 à Aujourd'hui

My missions :
- Data crawling and mining (Python, R and Stata)
- Big Data management (Hadoop, Spark, Hive)
- Machine Learning Algorithm (Clustering, Classification, Reinforcement learning..)
- Strategic recommendations based on data analysis
- Spatial competitive analysis
- Sales optimization and forecasting
- Optimization of SEO and SEM tools (e.g. Google Adwords' auction mechanism)
- Growth Hacking (Data analytics, Referral optimization, Users segmentation, AARRR)
- Web Scraping (Selenium, PhantomJS)
- Agent-Based Microsimulation (Reinforcement Learning, Neural Network)


Mapp economics , Paris

De Avril 2013 à Avril 2014

Junior consultant in applied microeconomics for competition, with specific skills in platform markets (two-sided markets economics), vertical integration and auction theory

I was in charge of:
- Studying the specifics of the market and the anticompetitive practices at stake
- The economic and econometric analyses relevant to support our client’s defence
- Identifying relevant data to perform the analyses
- Interacting with all levels of client personnel including top management and prestigious lawyers
- Writing reports and presentation slides for clients

Assistant professor


De Septembre 2012 à Août 2013

Assistant professor in microeconomics at the Toulouse School of Economics.
Teaching microeconomic and game theory basics to 1st and 2nd year students.

Junior analyst (intern)


De Juin 2012 à Octobre 2012

I worked as a junior consultant (internship) for France Telecom – Orange in the strategy and regulatory affairs in Paris.
- Study of the current model of private copy levy
- Create a new private copy levy's model to respond to the forthcoming change in regulation
- Participate to strategy meetings regarding cases undertaken in front of the European Commission or the French Autorité de la Concurrence

Formations complémentaires


Ecole polytechnique - Économie

2014 à 2017

Thesis in the sphere of the industrial organization relative to two-sided markets relationships with both theoretical and empirical tools.

The Internet technology and the web economy create new types of markets and new relationships between market players. The majority of these new markets can be associated to platforms where two sides of the same market meet. Such “two-sided” industries raise specific issues. Determining the optimal sharing of the cost of a transaction in a two-sided market is a complex issue, as it depends not only on the demand elasticity of each side of the market but also on the externality that each side exerts on the other.

Economic tools: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Econometrics

Software: Stata, R, Python, Excel, LateX

Master's degree EMO (Economics of Markets & Organizations) / Ecole Polytechnique Paris

Toulouse School of Economics - Économie

2010 à 2013

Président du Bureau des Etudiants TSE (2011-2012)

Applied Econometrics, Business Strategy, Topic in Applied Industrial Organization, Air Transport Economics, Competition Policy and Law, Infrastructure Economics, Behavioral Economics, Corporate and Market Finance


Bureau des Etudiants TSE


Parcours officiels

TSE – Master 2 – Economics of Markets and Organizations (EMO) – 2013


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Espagnol - Technique

Chinois - Notions