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CV Gonzalo Ares de Parga Regalado

27 ans - TOULOUSE (31000) France


Economist interested in topics of Banking Economics, Inequality of Opportunities, Regulation and Economic Competition.

Expériences professionnelles

Research analyst

Global Economics Group , Ciudad de méxico - Stage

De Avril 2019 à Aujourd'hui

Financial researcher

Banco de México , Ciudad de méxico - CDI

De Septembre 2016 à Septembre 2018

Financial Researcher at the Central Bank of Mexico (Banxico)
Directorate General of Economic Research (DGIE)
Economist (currently under license of studies) that elaborates research on selected topics about finance and economics of banking in collaboration with the Manager of Macrofinancial Analysis, Adrián G. de la Garza Treviño, Ph. D., at the Directorate of Macroeconomic Analysis. Work included identifying, compiling, and organizing databases using SAS and Stata, as well as preparing research papers, technical notes and reports using LaTeX. On the job training consisted of the attendance to weekly research seminars on the world’s economy and courses such as Panel Data Econometrics by Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Ph. D.

You can find the English and Spanish versions of a research paper in which I worked following the links below:

Research assistant

Laboratorio Nacional de Políticas Públicas , Ciudad de méxico - CDD

De Juin 2016 à Août 2016

Research Assistant of Florian Wendelspiess Chávez Juárez, Ph. D.
National Laboratory for Public Policy (LNPP)
Researcher on selected topics in family, health and labor economics that worked for F. Wendelspiess, Ph. D. and Marcelo Delajara, Ph. D.

You can find the final version of the working in which I collaborated at early stages following the link below:

Volunteer research assistant

El Colegio de México, A. C. , Ciudad de méxico - Autres

De Juin 2016 à Août 2016

Volunteer Research Assistant of Raymundo M. Campos Vázquez, Ph. D.
Center for Economic Studies (CEE) at The College of Mexico (COLMEX)
Volunteer for the implementation and measurement of two economic experiments.

Following the link below you can find the working paper of one of the projects in which I helped as research assistant as a volunteer:

Teaching assistant

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas , Ciudad de méxico - CDD

De Janvier 2016 à Juin 2016

Teaching Assistant of Susana Marván Garduño, M. Sc.
Microeconomics I – Second Semester of the Bachelor of Laws at CIDE
Explained quantitative problems accessibly which resulted in overall high test scores and excellent teacher evaluations.

Social service provider

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas , Ciudad de méxico - Autres

De Septembre 2015 à Mai 2016

Social Service Provider of David R. Heres del Valle, Ph. D.
Economics Division at CIDE
Participant in duties related to research and content creation on environmental economics topics. Additionally, helped Danae Hernández, the research assistant of David Heres and nowadays Ph. D. student at UC Santa Barbara, with the construction of the database used at her minor thesis, which later on was used to write a research paper.

Research assistant

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas , Ciudad de méxico - CDD

De Août 2015 à Août 2016

Research Assistant of Judith G. Mariscal Avilés, Ph. D.
Public Administration Division at CIDE - Interdisciplinary Program of Economic Regulation and Competition (PIRCE)
Researcher at projects related to the penetration of ICTs, market power, social development and financial inclusion. Moreover, I assisted Elisa V. Mariscal Medina, Ph. D. and A. Alexander Elbittar Hein, Ph.D. from PIRCE with the translation from English to Spanish of the book "Competition Policy Theory and Practice" of Massimo Motta, Ph. D. because of my interest on the literature of industrial organization and competition policy.

Formations complémentaires

Bachelor in Economics

Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, A. C. - Economics

2012 à 2016

Member of the General Assembly of SéCIDE (CIDE’s Economics Student Council): Formed and led teams to organize biannual seminars on Mexico’s economy. {2013-2016}

Group Leader of the B. A. in Economics Class of 2016: Served as spokesman for his classmates in front of CIDE’s authorities. {2012-2016}

Winner of the Best Delegate Award of the World Bank Committee of CIDE’s Model United Nations (CIDEMUN) {2015}

Undergraduate Thesis: Does Having a Partner Matter? Expenditure Differential between Men and Women.
Reviewed by Eva O. Arceo Gómez, Ph. D., Susan W. Parker, Ph. D. and Fausto Hernández Trillo, Ph. D.

Exchange Student

University of Gothenburg - School of Business, Economics and Law - Economics

2015 à 2015

Student who obtained HIGH PASS in two elective courses that were part of the Master of Science in Economics Programme.

Certification in Spatial Econometrics

School of Methods of the National Laboratory of Public Policy (LNPP) at CIDE - Spatial Econometrics

2016 à 2016

Student of the Spatial Econometrics Course taught by Rafael Garduño Rivera, Ph. D.
Coursework included Stata, ArcGIS, GeoDa and R which required programming abilities.

Certification in Social Mobility

Eighth Summer School on Social Mobility at the Espinosa Yglesias Study Center (CEEY) - Economic Development

2017 à 2017

Attendant at conferences and student of three workshops on social mobility and inequality of opportunities in Mexico. Workshops included mapping and constructing wealth indices to measure and analyze intergenerational mobility using Stata.


Sociedad de Estudiantes de Economía - SéCIDE

Member of the General Assembly

Parcours officiels

TSE – Master 2 – Econometrics and Empirical Economics (EEE) – 2020
TSE – Master 1 – in Economics – 2019 – International track


Espagnol - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Français - Notions


Economic Competition
Central Banking
Financial Inclusion
Economic Research
Panel Data
Cross-Sectional Data
Research Assistant
Literature Review
Labor Economics
Survey Design
Market Power Analysis

Centres d'intérêt

  • I am interested in carrying out quantitative studies on competition policy
  • which ensure technical
  • professional and thorough analyses
  • to have rigorous estimates of the effects of the interventions of competition regulators in the markets and the welfare of consumers. Also
  • in the future
  • I want to carry out scientific studies that provide an alternative perspective on the progress and challenges of competition policy in Mexico. In particular
  • I want to study spatial competition empirically taking specific attention to the banking system. Accordingly
  • I want to analyze how changes in regulatory policy may affect the spatial expansion of markets. Besides
  • I am interested in studying the consequences that mobile and branchless banking have had over financial inclusion
  • competition
  • and availability of services.