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Nicolas DUPUIS Soutiendra sa thèse le 27 Avril 2015 à 14h 15 : « Essays in Industrial Organization »

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Nicolas DUPUIS
Soutiendra sa thèse le
27 Avril 2015   à   14h 15 - Salle  MS  003   (Manufacture des Tabacs)
« Essays in Industrial Organization »
Le jury se compose comme suit :
Monsieur Marc IVALDI, professeur , Directeur d’Etudes EHESS, Université Toulouse 1
Monsieur Bruno JULLIEN, Directeur de Recherche, Toulouse School of Economics
Monsieur Alessandro GAVAZZA, professeur, London School of Economics
Monsieur Peter Norman SORENSEN, professeur, Université de Copenhague
In this dissertation, I investigate several questions of interest in the field of Industrial Organization.
My contribution to the literature on cheap talk is both theoretical and empirical. By introducing endogeneity in the precision with which the audience observes the state of the world, I am able to identify two new effects distorting the experts’ incentives to reveal their private information: a barrier to entry effect and a guru effect. Moreover, I develop an innovative way to estimate the experts’ ability and biases in the context of a reputational cheap-talk game. (This work is co-authored with Fanny Camara.)
I contribute to the literature on switching costs and tacit collusion by investigating the impact of consumers characteristics on the feasibility of tacit collusion in industries with switching costs. The sophistication and lifespan of consumers have a strong impact the lower and upper bounds of the switching costs and discount factors which can sustain tacit collusion. (This work is co-authored with Guillem Roig.)
Finally, I contribute to the literature on revenue management and intertemporal price discrimination by constructing a realistic and rich model of revenue management and studying the welfare impact of the pricing strategy. The model accommodates heterogeneous consumers and competition between revenue managers. The practice generally increases both the profits of the company and the consumer surplus as it allows the company to sell more items. (This work is co-authored with Pr. Marc Ivaldi and Pr. Jerome Pouyet.)

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