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ERNA students & alumni competition: and the winners are...

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Henrik Andersson, responsible for the ERNA Master's degree, got the idea to organize a small contest in order to encourage its students and alumni to sign up for the ERNA group on the platform and to fill in their profile.
5 of them got drawn. The prize: a TSE sweatshirt!

Here are the 5 winners:

Marianna Lefebvre (2008)
Justin Quemener (2010)
Rana El-Guindy (2012)
Monyvichet Iet (2015)
Audrey Berry (2014)


Please send an email to TSEAlumni-Relations@tse-fr.eu to provide your preffered size and your adress so the sweatshirt can be shipped over to you.

Yassine Lefouili, responsible for the ECL Master's degree, just launched the same competition for its students and alumni: the game is on!

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